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Q: How can we bridge the gap between musical performers and their audiences?

A: Upfront Magazine
a zine-style magazine
The indie music scene in Toronto is bustling with life. With so many venues and more bands than anyone can keep track of, this magazine aims to organize the clutter with each issue. Bringing stories and images together about musicians, audiences, and venues around Toronto, Upfront Magazine aims to bring audiences and their beloved musicians together in a meaningful way.

The goal of the magazine is to make Toronto's indie music scene more accessible to the average music lover, and to bring indie musicians into the public eye. The first issue of the magazine was distributed to fans and musicians alike at two featured musical events in December 2014.

The artistic direction of the magazine is meant to match the aesthetic of indie music and its fans, specifically using grungy imagery as a backdrop to very clean and crisp type. Many of the images were photographed by myself and my friends while we enjoyed the concerts, which brings a genuine voice to the magazine.

The magazine is currently circulating the Toronto area in a small run. As I see more people with the magazine, I hope there will be more of these pictures to come.

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Chloe is currently working as a product designer in Toronto. In her spare time she enjoys designing data visualizations, interactive Arduino experiences, and writing on her blog.

You can find Chloe at [email protected], drumming in her Brazilian batu drumming band, at a number of local music concerts, or cycling around the city.

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