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Q: How can we use design to tell stories in new ways?

A: Objects of Desire
an experimental webpage
Objects of Desire is a personal project borne of my love for the stories told by inanimate objects. I made this website as a way to explain a trip that I took through the objects that I acquired. I wanted to create an experience that would make the user feel like we were looking at the objects together in a room, as opposed to (probably) by themselves on a digital screen.

The goal of the webpage is to use the tools of design to find new methods of communication. I wanted to be able to immerse the user into the story of my trip through the mini-stories told by the objects I picked up along the way.

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Chloe's face

Designer, drummer, maker, shower singer

Chloe is currently working as a product designer in Toronto. In her spare time she enjoys designing data visualizations, interactive Arduino experiences, and writing on her blog.

You can find Chloe at [email protected], drumming in her Brazilian batu drumming band, at a number of local music concerts, or cycling around the city.

This website and all content therein is intellectual property belonging to Chloe Silver 2012-2023.