I name all of my decorative vases. I got this one, Phoenix, about a year ago. I usually name my vases after superheros with telekinesis or mind powers, because these kinds of vases can mess with your mind.

I got Phoenix at a Hasty Market in Mississauga. I had accidentally broken the last two vases I had in the span of two weeks, and I needed a new one again. I bargained the store owner to give it to me for half the price of the 30-dollar sticker, and I was ready to go.

The comical thing is that I broke my last two vases in the exact same way. I'd always keep a vase in my work locker room. This room is in the heart of Square One Mall in Mississauga, and it seemed a fitting place for me to turn into a late night hangout spot. I would sit there on the floor in the murky little room, open my laptop and watch TV while I used the vase and drank beer. I coined this room "The Heart," not only because it was at the heart of all the action of the mall, but also because it was technically at the heart of Mississauga. The Heart was equidistant to all important places in Mississauga: my home, the arena, and my high school. My friends and I would constantly hang out in The Heart for about five years, until the sad day came when we renovated and moved across the mall, leaving The Heart behind.

One day in The Heart, I believe I was watching Dragon Ball Z. I had had a few too many tallies, and didn't realize that my vase was beside me. I turned my body, and accidentally knocked over my precious Jean Grey. She shattered everywhere. Tears were shed. The next week, I found myself in the exact same situation. I was watching Dragon Ball Z again. I put the vase on my other side to avoid hitting it with my hand as I had last time. I moved forward to change the episode on my laptop, and to my dismay I did the exact same thing to this vase, on the opposite side. This one didn't shatter completely, but one part cracked so much that it was now rendered useless. I swore to myself that I would not let this happen again, I got Phoenix the next day, and the rest is history.

A few days later, after work, I christened Phoenix with a friend in The Heart of Mississauga. It’s been a year and I haven’t broken her yet.