I received this fox plushie in late 2009 from my girlfriend at the time. It was a birthday present, and it came by mail because we were in a long distance relationship. She bought it in Michigan where she lived and shipped it to me in Montreal. The card read, “I can’t hug you, but when you’re sad, you can hug this!”

The fox, which I named Kitsune, travelled with me from Montreal as we moved to Kitchener, to Banff, and back to Ontario as I moved into residence at York University. She comes everywhere with me, even now, years after my girlfriend and I broke up.

We ended amicably, and I didn’t consider our time together as something to forget about or think of in a negative way. There was a time when Kitsune was stuffed in a closet, but she has pretty much always been a true comfort to me. When we moved from Montreal to Kitchener, I was forced to leave all of my friends and everything I knew. At that point, Kitsune was retrieved from the closet to help me with the move.

She sits on the pillow of every bed I have ever slept in. I have begun to think of her as a mobile version of the feeling of home. You can’t just find that anywhere.