I received this figurine on the last day of a summer internship I worked at in 2014. It was symbolic for me because the giving of these figurines is a tradition among the people who work in the studio. When you get a figurine, you’re part of the collective. Not to mention, of all the interns working there that summer, I was the only one to receive a figurine.

I’m not obsessed with Frozen. I may have blasted Let It Go and sung all the words out loud, but that’s normal! If I had to venture a guess, I’d say they chose the reindeer because almost everyone was under the impression that reindeer are a Canadian thing. Which is funny because they’re called caribou here. So really nothing to do with Canada at all.

I also kept the figurine as a memento of the friends I made during my short time in New York. I was a little nervous to be on my own for a considerably long amount of time in a big city, but I found it pretty easy to make friends and get along with others, both during and after work.