Back in 2010, I was working at an art gallery in Sudbury. I was dating a special guy, and I wanted to plan something special for our first official one-on-one date. His birthday was also around that time, so I knew it had to be something really cool.

The crazy idea occurred to me that I could sneak him into the gallery after-hours for a birthday picnic on the top floor. I covered up the cameras and snuck him in. We watched movies and drank beer late into the night. At one point, he was trying to uncork a bottle of beer while trying to kiss me at the same time. Suddenly, the cork came loose and the beer went everywhere. What a first date! He was really embarrassed but I didn’t mind. I think the whole thing made me like him even more, actually.

We fell asleep amongst our picnic and woke up around 5:30 AM. In a rush, we cleaned up the remnants of our night and I uncovered the cameras. Even with all of my tireless efforts, the gallery was forced to enlist a rule that no visitors are allowed in the building after 5:00 PM, which still stands today.

I decided to keep the cork afterwards, which began a lengthy collection of little keepsakes to commemorate our relationship. Of course, I didn’t tell my boyfriend about it until a respectable amount of time had passed, and we both agreed humorously that the collection was physical proof that I was secretly a creepy stalker.