I received this bracelet as a present right before I moved across Canada for university, from my boyfriend at the time. He went through a lot to get it, it was originally a necklace that he had made into two bracelets, one for him and one for me. I wore it literally every single day between when he gave it to me and when we broke up.

I remember walking into my dorm room one day, and getting the clasp of the bracelet caught on the door handle. It bent out of shape and wouldn’t stay closed. I can remember looking at the broken clasp and just kind of, losing it a little bit. I was in tears and pretty much became a mess. I would have stayed that way if my awesome roommate didn’t calm me down and help me fix it. I guess my friends knew that it wasn’t just a bracelet.

Shortly after we broke up, I was going to the gym to get it off my mind. The end of the relationship only really sunk in when I took off the bracelet at that moment. We were no longer together, so there was no reason to wear it anymore.

That bracelet represented more than just a little piece of metal I wore on my wrist, it was a symbol for the love and care we had for each other, something I still treasure now. We broke up more than two years ago, but we both still have these bracelets. Certain items hold more meaning than they may show at first glance.