Last summer, I went to meet a prospective internship employer at his home in my hometown, St. Thomas, Ontario. I noticed right away from looking around his house that we had very similar styles. One item in particular caught my eye, a little silver bird perched on his mantle. He mentioned that he got it at a craft market in northern Ontario five years before. I commented on how cute it was, and we left it at that.

The internship went very well; I learned a lot from his experience in the industry over the summer. A few months later, I went back home for winter holidays. My boss invited me over one day for lunch and to catch up and the bird was still there, staring down at me from the mantle. I really wanted it.

I mentioned it again in the hopes that he would get the hint, and of course he offered for me to take it home. It took no time for me to agree, and the bird was mine. When I want something, I go for it.

It feels like a ‘me’ object, it matches my aesthetic. Not to mention, that day I learned how to ‘politely’ steal something.