We moved to Canada from Africa when I was five. Soon after we got settled in, a family friend made handmade toys for my sister and me. For me, she sewed together a stuffed bear, which she named Snowball.

Snowball came with a little handmade storybook that was meant to teach me about the process of moving far from home. I found it somewhat comforting during the transition. I guess that’s where the name “Snowball” came from, because one of the major adjustments for me was all the snow and cold weather.

I didn’t bring a lot of stuff with me when we moved to Canada, mostly because it was difficult to bring a lot with us. When I received this toy, I knew that I would keep it forever. I guess you could say that I learned something about the value of objects, and the histories they keep. I’ll probably keep Snowball for the rest of my life.