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Q: How can we make beef consumption more sustainable?

A: What's Your Beef
a digital and print brochure
This project consists of a printed brochure at 22 x 34", and a completely immersive digital publication for iPad made with Digital Publishing Suite in Adobe Indesign.

The raising of cattle for beef consumption is currently one of the main sources of greenhouse gases in the world, and a large contributor to the crisis of global warming. This publication takes the viewer through the basic facts they need in order to understand the state of the problem as it stands, as well as provides the viewer with a guide outlining ways to consume beef products in a more ecologically responsible way.

The goal of the project is to create awareness about a world issue through two contrasting forms of media. The same content is used across both platforms, but the design approach is inherently different.

Printed piece - 22 x 34" unfolded
Closeups of the printed piece
Similar content displayed in printed and digital format

Many people do not like to be confronted with hard-to-solve world issues, and especially not issues which ask them to change their lifestyle. Keeping this in mind, I designed this publication to be completely immersive and interesting for the viewer. In the digital version, every page contains interactions that further explain the information and keep the viewer enticed at the same time. The publication aims to arm the viewer with knowledge without preaching or ordering the viewer to take action.

The iPad screen flows
A video of the iPad interaction

This project won an RGD Social Good Award for 2014.
You can view it on the RGD website.

To get a more in-depth look at the pieces, view them in PDF format:



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