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Q: How can we use design to tell stories in new ways?

A: Objects of Desire
an experimental webpage
Objects of Desire is a personal project borne of my love for the stories told by inanimate objects. I made this website as a way to explain a trip that I took through the objects that I acquired. I wanted to create an experience that would make the user feel like we were looking at the objects together in a room, as opposed to (probably) by themselves on a digital screen.

The goal of the webpage is to use the tools of design to find new methods of communication. I wanted to be able to immerse the user into the story of my trip through the mini-stories told by the objects I picked up along the way.

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Chloe's face

Designer, drummer, maker, shower singer

Chloe is currently working as a UX/UI designer in Toronto. In her spare time she enjoys designing data visualizations, interactive Arduino experiences, and writing on her blog.

You can find Chloe at, drumming in her Brazilian batu drumming band, at a number of local music concerts, or biking to her latest Bunz trade.

This website and all content therein is intellectual property belonging to Chloe Silver 2012-2018.