I'm Chloe.
I like to think of my projects as answers to questions. Scroll down to see some of my work, or send me an email if you want to chat.

Check In
Q: How can we help planners keep track of their attendees during events?

Q: How can we strengthen friendships between people with busy lives?

Cultural Latitudes
Q: How can we use augmented reality to raise awareness of the importance of Inuit arts and culture?
21 Days
Q: How can we build good habits that will stand the test of time?

50 Years of Graduate Studies
Q: How can we commemorate the joy of fifty years of achievement?
Past Work 2013 – Present

Designer, drummer, maker, shower singer

Chloe is currently working as a product designer at EventMobi. In her spare time she enjoys designing data visualizations, interactive Arduino experiences, and writing on her blog.

You can find Chloe at, drumming in her Brazilian batu drumming band, at a number of local music concerts, or completing her latest Bunz trade.

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